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Comparative analysis of the effects of packaging signal, transgene orientation, promoters, polyadenylation signals, and E3 region on growth properties of first-generation adenoviruses.

2003: NE Altaras; JG Aunins; AJ Bett; EC Burden; D Casimiro; L Chen; M Chen; EA Emini; DC Kaslow; BM Rogers; JW Shiver; Q Su; A Tang; TJ Toner; R Youil;

Rapid method for the characterization of 3' and 5' UTRs of influenza viruses.

2003: WS Kwan; AR Shaw; Q Su; C Szymkowiak; TJ Toner; R Youil;

Hexon gene switch strategy for the generation of chimeric recombinant adenovirus.

2002: AJ Bett; D Casimiro; M Chen; Q Su; A Tang; TJ Toner; R Youil;

Characterization of Notch1 antibodies that inhibit signaling of both normal and mutated Notch1 receptors.

2010: MB Andrawes; BA Arnold; M Aste-Amezaga; JC Aster; LP Audoly; F Baleydier; AJ Bett; SC Blacklow; M Chastain; LL Franlin; WR Gordon; M Gu; P Haytko; L Huang; HE Huber; S L'Heureux; JE Lineberger; KN Ross; G Roti; K Stegmaier; E Thoryk; K Tiyanont; TJ Toner; S Vitelli; KT Vo; F Wang; H Wang; H Wang; N Zhang; JZ Zhao;

Comparative immunogenicity in rhesus monkeys of DNA plasmid, recombinant vaccinia virus, and replication-defective adenovirus vectors expressing a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gag gene.

2003: AJ Bett; DR Casimiro; MJ Caulfield; M Chastain; L Chen; M Chen; ME Davies; S Dubey; EA Emini; RK Evans; DC Freed; TM Fu; L Guan; V Harris; GJ Heidecker; L Huang; W Hurni; L Isopi; X Liang; X Liu; R Long; H Mach; D Nawrocki; HC Perry; N Persaud; JW Shiver; JG Smith; Q Su; A Tang; TJ Toner; W Trigona; R Troutman; DB Volkin; S Wang; D Williams; KA Wilson; Z Xu; R Youil; DM Zhu;

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