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Transcriptional pause release is a rate-limiting step for somatic cell reprogramming.

2014: X Bao; C Benda; F Cui; MA Esteban; W Fan; J Frampton; M He; Z Huang; AP Hutchins; W Li; X Li; Y Li; L Liu; L Lu; Z Luo; D Pei; B Qin; A Schambach; H Sun; W Tian; HF Tse; D Wang; H Wang; J Wang; Y Wu; Y Xu; H Yao; M Yao; B Zhang; M Zhang; P Zhao; Q Zhuang;

Novel recurrently mutated genes and a prognostic mutation signature in colorectal cancer.

2014: FK Chan; J Chen; Z Gao; J He; HF Kung; PB Lai; M Li; X Li; XX Li; Y Li; Q Liang; Y Lu; SS Ng; Y Pan; JJ Sung; KF To; JH Tong; J Wang; Q Wang; N Wong; WK Wu; H Yang; J Yang; C Yu; J Yu; N Zhang;

Mutational landscape of gastric adenocarcinoma in Chinese: implications for prognosis and therapy.

2015: S Ba; A Bhathena; DJ Brat; J Buckner; W Cao; WK Cavenee; H Chang; K Chen; CM Croce; Z Gao; X Hao; D Joshi; H Li; H Li; M Li; X Li; H Liang; X Lu; L Luo; PS Mischel; Y Pan; SD Patterson; S Raghavakaimal; C Reinhard; F Song; B Sun; YM Wang; D Yang; X Ye; W Zhang; Y Zhao; H Zheng;

Genomic analyses reveal mutational signatures and frequently altered genes in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

2015: Y Bi; C Chen; G Chen; L Chen; W Chen; X Chen; C Cheng; L Cheng; X Cheng; H Cui; Y Cui; B Dong; Z Gao; J Guo; Y Guo; M He; X Hu; X Huang; Z Jia; P Kong; B Li; E Li; G Li; H Li; L Li; Q Li; X Li; Y Li; Y Li; Y Li; J Liang; D Lin; J Liu; L Liu; L Luo; J Ma; Y Ou; R Shi; B Song; Y Song; Y Tan; S Wan; F Wang; J Wang; J Wang; J Wang; J Wang; M Wang; Y Xi; Z Xia; S Xie; E Xu; L Xu; B Yang; H Yang; J Yang; X Yang; X Yang; Q Zhan; L Zhang; X Zhang; Y Zhang; Y Zhang; J Zhao; Z Zhao; Y Zhou; X Zhuang;

Efficient amplified spontaneous emission from oligofluorene-pyrene starbursts with improved electron affinity property.

2015: X Guo; W Huang; X Li; J Liu; R Xia; W Xu; Q Zhang; Y Zhang;

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