Top 20 of Cat Diseases

Article title # Publications/# Citations

Isolation of a T-lymphotropic virus from domestic cats with an immunodeficiency-like syndrome.

1987: MLBrown; EWHo; NCPedersen; JKYamamoto;


Amyloid fibrils in human insulinoma and islets of Langerhans of the diabetic cat are derived from a neuropeptide-like protein also present in normal islet cells.

1987: DWHayden; KHJohnson; TDO'Brien; CWernstedt; PWestermark; EWilander;


Pathogenesis of experimentally induced feline immunodeficiency virus infection in cats.

1988: PRAndersen; EWHo; LLowenstine; CPMandell; RMunn; TPO'Connor; NCPedersen; ESparger; JKYamamoto;


Rochalimaea henselae infection. A new zoonosis with the domestic cat as reservoir.

1994: CAGlaser; JEKoehler; JWTappero;


Avian H5N1 influenza in cats.

2004: MBaars; RFouchier; TKuiken; AOsterhaus; GRimmelzwaan; Gvan Amerongen; Dvan Riel;


Epidemiologic and clinical aspects of feline immunodeficiency virus infection in cats from the continental United States and Canada and possible mode of transmission.

1989: HHansen; EWHo; TYMorishita; RMNakamura; TOkuda; NCPedersen; TRSawa; JKYamamoto;


Experimental transmission of Bartonella henselae by the cat flea.

1996: RCAbbott; BChi; BBChomel; KFloyd-Hawkins; ANGurfield; RWKasten; JEKoehler; NCPedersen; JRoberts-Wilson; KYamamoto;


Engineering the largest RNA virus genome as an infectious bacterial artificial chromosome.

2000: FAlmazán; ECalvo; LEnjuanes; JMGonzalez; AIzeta; ZPénzes; JPlana-Duran;


Strong sequence conservation among horizontally transmissible, minimally pathogenic feline leukemia viruses.

1988: GABeltz; PRDonahue; VMHirsch; EAHoover; JIMullins; JOverbaugh; NRiedel;


Multispecies outbreak of cryptococcosis on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

2002: WBlack; MFyfe; SLester; SRaverty; CStephen;


Spontaneously occurring tumors of companion animals as models for human cancer.

2000: EGMacewen; DMVail;


Bartonella clarridgeiae, a newly recognized zoonotic pathogen causing inoculation papules, fever, and lymphadenopathy (cat scratch disease).

1997: EBBreitschwerdt; DJBrenner; TLHadfield; EJHilyard; DLKordick; AGSteigerwalt; KHWilson;


Advances in the life cycle of Toxoplasma gondii.

1998: JPDubey;


Transduction and rearrangement of the myc gene by feline leukaemia virus in naturally occurring T-cell leukaemias.

1984 Apr 26-May 2: DHughes; OJarrett; GLees; RMcFarlane; JCNeil; DEOnions; NMWilkie;


Cat-transmitted fatal pneumonic plague in a person who traveled from Colorado to Arizona.

1994: ALBucholtz; TDavis; JMDoll; PEttestad; KGage; PSZeitz;


Disease-specific and tissue-specific production of unintegrated feline leukaemia virus variant DNA in feline AIDS.

1986 Jan 23-29: CSChen; EAHoover; JIMullins;


Feline interstitial cystitis results in mechanical hypersensitivity and altered ATP release from bladder urothelium.

2003: SRBarrick; LABirder; CABuffington; WCDe Groat; AJKanai; SKiss; JRRoppolo;


Molecular cloning of feline immunodeficiency virus.

1989: AKBarnes; VMHirsch; PRJohnson; RAOlmsted; RHPurcell; JKYamamoto;


Bartonella henselae prevalence in domestic cats in California: risk factors and association between bacteremia and antibody titers.

1995: RCAbbott; BBChomel; KAFloyd-Hawkins; CAGlaser; PHKass; RWKasten; JEKoehler; NCPedersen;


Experimental transmission of feline fibrosarcoma to cats and dogs.

1970: PArnstein; JDEstes; MBGardner; RJHuebner; CGRickard; RWRongey; PSarma;