Top 20 of Coronary Restenosis

Article title # Publications/# Citations

Intracoronary autologous bone-marrow cell transfer after myocardial infarction: the BOOST randomised controlled clinical trial.

2004 Jul 10-16: LArseniev; CBreidenbach; HDrexler; SFichtner; AGanser; BHertenstein; BHornig; TKorte; ... PLippolt; JLotz; DMessinger; GPMeyer; SRinges-Lichtenberg; KCWollert;


Sirolimus-eluting stents versus standard stents in patients with stenosis in a native coronary artery.

2003: SIRIUS Investigators; RPCaputo; PJFitzgerald; DRHolmes; JLJaeger; DJKereiakes; REKuntz; MBLeon; ... JWMoses; CO'Shaughnessy; JJPopma; PSTeirstein; DOWilliams;


A randomized comparison of a sirolimus-eluting stent with a standard stent for coronary revascularization.

2002: RAVEL Study Group. Randomized Study with the Sirolimus-Coated Bx Velocity Balloon-Expandable Stent in the Treatment of Patients with de Novo Native Coronary Artery Lesions; EBan Hayashi; PBarragan; AColombo; JFajadet; RFalotico; GGuagliumi; FMolnár; ... MCMorice; MPerin; GSchuler; PWSerruys; JESousa;


A polymer-based, paclitaxel-eluting stent in patients with coronary artery disease.

2004: TAXUS-IV Investigators; PBergin; RCaputo; DACox; SGEllis; JGreenberg; JHermiller; JTMann; ... CO'Shaughnessy; JJPopma; MERussell; GWStone; MTurco;


Pathology of drug-eluting stents in humans: delayed healing and late thrombotic risk.

2006: AFarb; AVFinn; HKGold; MJoner; FDKolodgie; RKutys; ELadich; EKMont; KSkorija; RVirmani;


Clinical end points in coronary stent trials: a case for standardized definitions.

2007: Academic Research Consortium; ABoam; DJCohen; DECutlip; MHamon; MWKrucoff; ALansky; LMauri; ... EMcFadden; RMehran; MAMorel; PWSerruys; PGSteg; GAvan Es; PVranckx; SWindecker;


Fractional flow reserve versus angiography for guiding percutaneous coronary intervention.

2009: FAME Study Investigators; BDe Bruyne; TEngstrøm; WFFearon; FIkeno; VKlauss; PAMacCarthy; GManoharan; ... KGOldroyd; NHPijls; USiebert; PATonino; Mvan' t Veer; PNVer Lee;


Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in vascular remodeling and vascular disease.

2007: RAKhalil; JDRaffetto;


Rho kinases in cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology.

2006: PGuérin; GLoirand; PPacaud;


Safety and efficacy of sirolimus- and paclitaxel-eluting coronary stents.

2007: AColombo; DECutlip; KDDawkins; SGEllis; MFahy; EGrube; AJKirtane; MBLeon; ... RMehran; MCMorice; JWMoses; SJPocock; ESchampaert; JSchofer; GWStone;


Effects of intracoronary infusion of peripheral blood stem-cells mobilised with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor on left ventricular systolic function and restenosis after coronary stenting in myocardial infarction: the MAGIC cell randomised clinical trial.

2004: HJCho; KSHan; HJKang; HSKim; YJKim; BKKoo; MMLee; BHOh; ... KWPark; YBPark; DWSohn; DSoo Lee; SYZhang;


Guidelines for percutaneous coronary interventions. The Task Force for Percutaneous Coronary Interventions of the European Society of Cardiology.

2005: Task Force for Percutaneous Coronary Interventions of the European Society of Cardiology; PAlbertsson; FFAviles; PGCamici; AColombo; CHamm; EJørgensen; JMarco; ... JENordrehaug; WRuzyllo; SSilber; GWStone; PUrban; WWijns;


Clopidogrel resistance is associated with increased risk of recurrent atherothrombotic events in patients with acute myocardial infarction.

2004: RBeinart; RBienart; IGoldenberg; VGuetta; HHod; SMatetzky; INovikov; HPres; ... NSavion; MShechter; BShenkman; DVaron;


Regulation of PDGF signalling and vascular remodelling by peroxiredoxin II.

2005: YSBae; CChoi; MHChoi; YHHan; SWKang; BUKim; GWKim; KYKim; ... BILee; IKLee; JSLee; HSPark; SGRhee; DYYu;


Stent thrombosis in randomized clinical trials of drug-eluting stents.

2007: DECutlip; RD'Agostino; KKHo; WHHsieh; JMMassaro; LMauri;


The therapeutic potential of modulating the ceramide/sphingomyelin pathway.

2002: RKolesnick;


Intracoronary injection of CD133-positive enriched bone marrow progenitor cells promotes cardiac recovery after recent myocardial infarction: feasibility and safety.

2005: JBartunek; Pde Bondt; BDe Bruyne; GHeyndrickx; NLootens; SMansour; IVan Haute; BVandekerckhove; MVanderheyden; WWijns;


Pathological correlates of late drug-eluting stent thrombosis: strut coverage as a marker of endothelialization.

2007: AVFinn; HKGold; MCJohn; MJoner; FKolodgie; GNakazawa; JNewell; RVirmani;


Central role of RAGE-dependent neointimal expansion in arterial restenosis.

2003: MAndrassy; BArnold; DBelov; SDuda; BLiliensiek; SPMarso; YNaka; PPNawroth; ... LLRong; TSakaguchi; AMSchmidt; MSousa; DMStern; SDYan; SFYan;


Expression, regulation, and function of IGF-1, IGF-1R, and IGF-1 binding proteins in blood vessels.

2003: PDelafontaine; YLi; YHSong;