Top 20 of Cysts

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When cilia go bad: cilia defects and ciliopathies.

2007: TBenzing; MFliegauf; HOmran;


Effect of single and compound knockouts of estrogen receptors alpha (ERalpha) and beta (ERbeta) on mouse reproductive phenotypes.

2000: PChambon; ADierich; SDupont; AGansmuller; AKrust; MMark;


A critical developmental switch defines the kinetics of kidney cyst formation after loss of Pkd1.

2007: MAGarcía-González; GGGermino; DLHuso; LFMenezes; KPiontek;


TRPP2 and TRPV4 form a polymodal sensory channel complex.

2008: CBoehlke; BBuchholz; MDoerken; XFu; MAGarcía-González; GGGermino; FKotsis; MKöttgen; ... AKramer-Zucker; EWKuehn; BNilius; RNitschke; JPrenen; DSteffl; MSuzuki; RTauber; GWalz; TWatnick; TWegierski;


Acute kidney injury and aberrant planar cell polarity induce cyst formation in mice lacking renal cilia.

2008: PCobo-Stark; PIgarashi; LLi; FLin; VPatel; XShao; SSomlo;


Importance of endogenous IFN-gamma for prevention of toxoplasmic encephalitis in mice.

1989: FKConley; JSRemington; YSuzuki;


An atlas of subgross pathology of the human breast with special reference to possible precancerous lesions.

1975: HMJensen; RGMarcum; SRWellings;


Dual regulation of resistance against Toxoplasma gondii infection by Lyt-2+ and Lyt-1+, L3T4+ T cells in mice.

1988: JSRemington; YSuzuki;


The EPICure study: outcomes to discharge from hospital for infants born at the threshold of viability.

2000: KCosteloe; ATGibson; EHennessy; NMarlow; ARWilkinson;


Cyst formation and activation of the extracellular regulated kinase pathway after kidney specific inactivation of Pkd1.

2008: LGCantley; PIgarashi; SIshibe; ALouvi; MMitobe; SNishio; SShibazaki; SSomlo; ... RBThomson; XTian; HVelazquez; ZYu;


Octreotide inhibits hepatic cystogenesis in a rodent model of polycystic liver disease by reducing cholangiocyte adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate.

2006: PCHarris; NFLaRusso; AIMasyuk; TVMasyuk; VETorres;


TGF-beta 1, but not TGF-beta 2 or TGF-beta 3, is differentially present in epithelial cells of advanced pulmonary fibrosis: an immunohistochemical study.

1996: KCFlanders; NKhalil; RNO'Connor; HUnruh;


Congenital bile duct cysts: Classification, operative procedures, and review of thirty-seven cases including cancer arising from choledochal cyst.

1977: MNarusue; KOkajima; KTabuchi; TTodani; YWatanabe;


Female mouse germ cells form synchronously dividing cysts.

1998: MEPepling; ACSpradling;


Apc1638T: a mouse model delineating critical domains of the adenomatous polyposis coli protein involved in tumorigenesis and development.

1999: CBreukel; WEdelmann; RFodde; NHofland; SJagmohan-Changur; PMKhan; MFKielman; RKucherlapati; ... KNeufeld; RSmits; Jvan Dijk; RWhite; CZurcher;


Histone-modifying complexes regulate gene expression pertinent to the differentiation of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

2005: MMBhatti; MFCesbron-Delauw; JGarin; MAHakimi; SKieffer; KMusset; NSaksouk; ATSmith; WJSullivan;


Vasopressin directly regulates cyst growth in polycystic kidney disease.

2007: PCHarris; VETorres; XWang; CJWard; YWu;


MRI-guided diffuse optical spectroscopy of malignant and benign breast lesions.

2002 Jul-Aug: BChance; VNtziachristos; MDSchnall; AGYodh;


Active Rab11 and functional recycling endosome are required for E-cadherin trafficking and lumen formation during epithelial morphogenesis.

2008: MDesclozeaux; SRJoseph; JGKay; HTLe; JLStow; JVenturato; FGWylie;


Incompletely penetrant PKD1 alleles suggest a role for gene dosage in cyst initiation in polycystic kidney disease.

2009: TMBarratt; DChauveau; MBConsugar; PCHarris; KHopp; SWHorsley; VJKubly; PNiaudet; ... WPNiaudet; LRees; SRossetti; SRoy; VETorres; WGVan't Hoff;