Top 20 of Disease Susceptibility

Article title # Publications/# Citations

Influence of life stress on depression: moderation by a polymorphism in the 5-HTT gene.

2003: ABraithwaite; ACaspi; IWCraig; HHarrington; JMartin; JMcClay; JMill; TEMoffitt; ... RPoulton; KSugden; ATaylor;


Inflammation in atherosclerosis.

2002 Dec 19-26: PLibby;


Functional role of type I and type II interferons in antiviral defense.

1994: MAguet; SHemmi; UMüller; JPavlovic; LFReis; USteinhoff; RMZinkernagel;


The cytoplasmic body component TRIM5alpha restricts HIV-1 infection in Old World monkeys.

2004: PAutissier; MKiessling; CMOwens; MJPerron; JSodroski; MStremlau;


Rapamycin fed late in life extends lifespan in genetically heterogeneous mice.

2009: CMAstle; CSCarter; EFernandez; KFlurkey; KFrenkel; DEHarrison; MAJavors; RAMiller; ... NLNadon; JFNelson; MPahor; ZDSharp; RStrong; JEWilkinson;


Toll-like receptor triggering of a vitamin D-mediated human antimicrobial response.

2006: JSAdams; RBals; BRBloom; DEisenberg; RLGallo; MHewison; BWHollis; DLKamen; ... SRKrutzik; HLi; PTLiu; CMeinken; RLModlin; MTOchoa; JSchauber; ASteinmeyer; SStenger; BHTan; MWagner; LWenzel; KWu; UZügel;


Microbial pathogenesis in cystic fibrosis: mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia cepacia.

1996: VDeretic; JRGovan;


SV40 large tumor antigen forms a specific complex with the product of the retinoblastoma susceptibility gene.

1988: JADeCaprio; JFigge; CMHuang; WHLee; DMLivingston; JWLudlow; EMarsilio; EPaucha; JYShew;


Environmental epigenomics and disease susceptibility.

2007: RLJirtle; MKSkinner;


Mice devoid of PrP are resistant to scrapie.

1993: MAguet; AAguzzi; PAutenried; HBueler; RAGreiner; ASailer; CWeissmann;


Positional cloning of the Werner's syndrome gene.

1996: RAlisch; YHFu; FHisama; GMMartin; SMatthews; TMiki; JMulligan; JNakura; ... JOshima; SOuais; GDSchellenberg; EMWijsman; CEYu;


From epidemiological synergy to public health policy and practice: the contribution of other sexually transmitted diseases to sexual transmission of HIV infection.

1999: DTFleming; JNWasserheit;


The plasticity of aging: insights from long-lived mutants.

2005: CKenyon;


Common and rare variants in multifactorial susceptibility to common diseases.

2008: WBodmer; CBonilla;


Air pollution and cardiovascular disease: a statement for healthcare professionals from the Expert Panel on Population and Prevention Science of the American Heart Association.

2004: Expert Panel on Population and Prevention Science of the American Heart Association; RDBrook; WCascio; BFranklin; YHong; GHoward; MLipsett; RLuepker; ... MMittleman; JSamet; SCSmith; ITager;


A comprehensive review of genetic association studies.

2002 Mar-Apr: EByrne; JNHirschhorn; KHirschhorn; KLohmueller;


Essential role of mda-5 in type I IFN responses to polyriboinosinic:polyribocytidylic acid and encephalomyocarditis picornavirus.

2006: WBarchet; BBeutler; MCella; MColonna; MSDiamond; RAFlavell; SGilfillan; LGitlin;


A novel role for 3-O-sulfated heparan sulfate in herpes simplex virus 1 entry.

1999: XBai; PBlaiklock; GHCohen; RJEisenberg; JDEsko; JLiu; RDRosenberg; DShukla; NWShworak; PGSpear;


Identification of nitric oxide synthase as a protective locus against tuberculosis.

1997: RLaCourse; JDMacMicking; JSMudgett; CFNathan; RJNorth; SKShah;


Developmental neurocircuitry of motivation in adolescence: a critical period of addiction vulnerability.

2003: RAChambers; MNPotenza; JRTaylor;