Top 20 of Pain

Article title # Publications/# Citations

Assessing the quality of reports of randomized clinical trials: is blinding necessary?

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Validation study of WOMAC: a health status instrument for measuring clinically important patient relevant outcomes to antirheumatic drug therapy in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.

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A new and sensitive method for measuring thermal nociception in cutaneous hyperalgesia.

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Development of criteria for the classification and reporting of osteoarthritis. Classification of osteoarthritis of the knee. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Criteria Committee of the American Rheumatism Association.

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Ethical guidelines for investigations of experimental pain in conscious animals.

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Improvements in survival and clinical benefit with gemcitabine as first-line therapy for patients with advanced pancreas cancer: a randomized trial.

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Impaired nociception and pain sensation in mice lacking the capsaicin receptor.

2000: AIBasbaum; MJCaterina; DJulius; MKoltzenburg; ALeffler; ABMalmberg; WJMartin; KRPetersen-Zeitz; JTrafton;


How do you feel? Interoception: the sense of the physiological condition of the body.

2002: ADCraig;


The cloned capsaicin receptor integrates multiple pain-producing stimuli.

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Traumatic arthritis of the hip after dislocation and acetabular fractures: treatment by mold arthroplasty. An end-result study using a new method of result evaluation.

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Prostaglandins and leukotrienes: advances in eicosanoid biology.

2001: CDFunk;


Pain mechanisms: a new theory.

1965: RMelzack; PDWall;


A peripheral mononeuropathy in rat that produces disorders of pain sensation like those seen in man.

1988: GJBennett; YKXie;


Contributions of anterior cingulate cortex to behaviour.

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TRPA1 mediates the inflammatory actions of environmental irritants and proalgesic agents.

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An experimental model for peripheral neuropathy produced by segmental spinal nerve ligation in the rat.

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Pain assessment: global use of the Brief Pain Inventory.

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Empathy for pain involves the affective but not sensory components of pain.

2004: RJDolan; CDFrith; HKaube; JO'Doherty; BSeymour; TSinger;


Neuronal plasticity: increasing the gain in pain.

2000: MWSalter; CJWoolf;


Neurotrophins and their receptors: a convergence point for many signalling pathways.

2003: MVChao;