1st SYMPTOMA, better diagnosis Scholarship

Thanks for checking out our listing for the 1st SYMPTOMA scholarship!

Is this the right scholarship for me?

If you are already working hard to finance your studies, and if you would highly welcome a financial relieve, then you are who we addressing with this scholarship.

Who are we?

SYMPTOMA is a search engine for diseases. We want to save lives – up to 1.5 million people / year to be exact. Now SYMPTOMA awards its first scholarship to students.


Both founders of SYMPTOMA, Thomas Lutz and Jama Nateqi, have had to work hard themselves while studying to finance the costs (more than $ 100,000 in total). While studying, they founded SYMPTOMA.

This scholarship aids hard-working students to make life a bit easier, and deservedly so.

SYMPTOMA is awarding up to $ 3,000 / year: $ 500 per year and person (max. 6 persons) – internationally.


  • You are currently studying actively.
  • You are working while studying to finance it.


Then apply here and now! We will then identify 6 best-fitting students to the best of our knowledge. All decisions are final.


Until 31st of January (yearly)

Congrats, you made it to the end. What are you waiting for?

Apply right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)