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Atrophy of Epidermis Sclerosis of Digits Eczema-Like Lesions Hypohidrosis and-or Heat Intolerance Telangiectatic Lesions Congenital Poikiloderma on Face and Exposed Skin Sparse or Absent Scalp Hair Fatty Infiltration of Pancreas Weakness of Neck Extensors Lymphedema of Upper and-or Lower Limbs Loss of Lower Limb Tendon Reflexes Focal Lymphocytic and Macrophage Infiltrates (Biopsy) Adiposis (MRI) Myogenic Profile on Electromyography Contractures of Upper Limbs Contractures of Distal Lower Limbs Contiguous Gene Syndrome Involving Deletion of 2.63 Mb on 5q12 Psoriasiform Dermatitis Thyroid Hormone Deficiency Hypoplastic Anterior Pituitary Erythematous Rash Antiphospholipid Syndrome with Hemolytic Anemia Lymphocyte Apoptosis Impaired Immunoglobulin Increased Deposition of IgG and Complement Seen on Renal Biopsy Other Sensory Modalities May be Normal or Diminished Variable Autonomic Dysfunction Elongated Hallux Hypoplasia of the Posterior Corpus Callosum Mutation in the PIK3CD Gene Abscess Formation Class-Switched Memory B Cells Decreased (CD19+CD27+IgD-) Circulating Transitional B Cells Increased - CD19+ CD38+ IGM+ Total B Cells (CD19+) Decreased Long-Term Memory CD8+ T Cells Decreased Effector CD8+ T Cells Increased Low Levels of Antibodies to S Pneumoniae H Influenzae Type B Poor T Cell Mitogen Response Susceptibility to B Cell Lymphoma Increased Lymphoid Nodules on Mucosal Surfaces Onset of Neuromuscular Symptoms between 6 Months and 1 Year of Age Onset of Hemolytic Anemia Shortly after Birth Mutation in the Triosephosphate Isomerase 1 Gene Activity of Triosephosphate Isomerase Decreased Dihydroxyacetone Phosphate in Tissues and Red Cells Increased Anterior Horn Cell Impairment Lower Motor Neuron Symptoms Progressive Neuromuscular Disturbances Muscle Pain after Exercise Possibly Death in Late Childhood Decreased T Cell Proliferative Response to Mitogens Impaired B-Cell Differentiation Mucocutaneous-Immunodeficiency Syndrome Possibly Prominent Immunoglobulin Levels Low to Normal Post Vaccination Varicella Invariant NKT Cells Decreased Hypocalcemic Tetany Onset at Age 5-20 Years Muscle Biopsy Shows Neurogenic Angulated Fibers Onion Bulb Formation Mutation in the Protein O Mannose Kinase Gene Secondary Loss of Merosin and Desmin Defective Glycosylation of Alpha Dystroglycan Seen on Biopsy Progressive Muscle Weakness and Atrophy Agyria Brain Stem Hypoplasia Mutation in the Solute Carrier Family 25 Member 1 Gene Mild Extraocular Muscle Weakness Small Endplate Small or Absent Axon Terminals Type 2 Fiber Atrophy Seen on Muscle Biopsy Muscle Weakness May Affect Upper Limbs Caused by Mutation in the Beta-1 Catenin Gene Full Nasal Tip Progressive Spastic Diplegia Diminished Facial Expression Hypoplastic Labia Majora Prevalence among the Finnish Increased Slowly Progressive Spastic Paraplegia with Onset During 1st or 2nd Decade Onset of Visual Loss in the First Decade Mitochondrial Respiratory Activities Decreased Symmetrical Muscle Wasting Mitochondrial Vacuolization Seen on Muscle Biopsy Muscle Biopsy Shows Disorganized Myofilaments Sarcomere Disappearance Seen on Muscle Biopsy Small Angulated Muscle Fibers Seen on Muscle Biopsy Deep Sensory Impairment Mild to Moderate Muscle Atrophy in Distal Forearm and Hands Weakness of Distal Lower Limbs Caused by Mutation in the Ceramide Synthase 3 Gene Rapidly Progressive Deterioration Mutation in the ADAR Gene Upregulation of Alpha-Interferon-Stimulated Genes Signal Changes in the Caudate and Putamen Bilateral Striatal Necrosis Severe Dystonia in all Limbs Possibly Secreted Mutant Leptin Is Biologically Inactive Mutation in the LEP Gene No Beard T Cell Hyporesponsiveness