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Mesangial Matrix Expansion Glomerular C3 Deposits - Subendothelial and Mesangial Ambulation Is Preserved Mutation in the CCDC78 Gene Protein Aggregates Immunopositive for Actin and Desmin Loss of Sarcomeric Striations Fiber-Type Variability Central Cores Seen on Muscle Biopsy Easy Fatigue Muscle Weakness (Distal > Proximal) Mutation in the NBAS Gene High Voice with Harsh Timbre Hypolobulation of Granulocyte Nuclei Wide Hallux High Arch Hypoplasia of Parietal Tubers Hypoplasia of Frontal Tubers Pigmented Nevus Complete or Incomplete Achromatopsia Non-Progressive Decrease of Visual Acuity Bilateral Optic Nerve Atrophy Small Facial Features Hypoplastic Cheekbones Senile-Appearing Face Normal Intellectual Function Age at Onset: First to Sixth Decade Mutation in the FUS Gene Anomalous Pulmonary Drainage Complex Congenital Heart Malformation Normal Ciliary Structure and Function Midline Liver Ataxia Is Non-Progressive Disruption of the CAMTA1 Gene Abnormally Implanted Teeth Wide Flat Nose Palpebral Edema Short Ears Cortical Atrophy (in 2 Siblings) Hippocampal Atrophy Amyotrophy of the Intrinsic Hand Muscles Some Patients Show Improvement in Muscle Power in the Teenage Years Hypoglycosylated Transferrin Decremental Response on 3 Hz Repetitive Nerve Stimulation Abnormal Jitter Seen on EMG Postsynaptic Folding at the Neuromuscular Junction Decreased AChR at the End Plate Decreased Tubular Aggregates (Muscle Biopsy) Mutation in the PIGO Gene Hypoplastic or Absent Nails Brachytelephalangy Ventricles Enlarged Caused by Mutation in the Homeobox B1 Gene Upturned Nasal Tip Midface Retrusion Congenital Bilateral Facial Paresis Telomere Length in Lymphocytes Decreased Risk for Cancer Increased Impaired Oxidation of Pyruvate Thin Upper Lip Inverted Widely Spaced Nipples Cholesterol Decreased Intracellular Accumulation of Unesterified Cholesterol Abnormal Cardiolipin Subspecies Composition Abnormal Phospholipid Profile Defects in Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Degeneration of Mitochondria Disease Is Life Threatening if Untreated Possibly Recurrent Illness, Infection or Shock Renin Level Normal Unresponsive to ACTH Stimulation Hypoglycemic Seizures Mutation in the TMEM165 Gene N-Glycosylation Defect Dysplastic Fourth Metacarpals Hypoplasia of the Femoral Heads Dysplastic Vertebrae Dysplastic Ribs Abnormal Fat Distribution Lesions Become More Prominent with Sun Exposure Invagination of the Epidermis Onset within First Few Years of Life Abnormal Acylcarnitine Profiles Absent Brainstem Auditory Evoked Responses Diffuse Severe Muscle Atrophy Severe Muscle Weakness (Proximal, Distal, and Axial) Inability to Hold Head up Possibly Sudden Infantile Death Lack of Ocular Fixation Caused by Mutation in the Homolog of the S Pombe RAD21 Gene Radioulnar Abnormalities Hemivertebrae Vertebral Clefting Mild to Severe Cognitive Delay T Cells Increased or Decreased Defect in B-Cell Differentiation Caused by Mutation in the Complement Component Receptor 2 Gene Proper Antibody Response to Protein Vaccinations Switched Memory B Cells Decreased IgM Low-Normal Lack of Bunina Bodies