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Bilateral Papillary Cystadenomas of the Broad Ligament Bilateral Papillary Cystadenoma of the Epididymis Adrenal Hemangiomas Aplasia of Posterior Semicircular Canal on CT Scan White Eyelashes and Eyebrows Hypoplastic Iris Stroma Dystopia Canthorum Absent Mutations in the Neurofibromin Gene Cleft of Mandibular Symphysis in Infancy Irregular, Small, or Absent Incisors (Permanent Teeth) Conical Permanent Teeth Multiple Frenula Mutations in the CXCR4 Gene Multiple Verrucae Bone Marrow Hypercellularity Myelokathexis (Retention of Neutrophils in the Bone Marrow) Chronic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection Cervical Papillomatosis with Cervical Dysplasia Vulval Condylomata Acuminata Thickened Skin Over Flexor Surface of Proximal Phalanges Contracted Toes Cortical Thumbs H-Shaped Chin Dimple Harsh, Brassy or Hoarse Voice Hemizygous Deletion at 7Q11.23 Stellate Pattern of Iris Abnormal Brain Auditory Evoked Responses Mild to Moderate Sensorineural Hearing Loss Strong Attraction to Music Cocktail Party Personality Hypersensitivity to Sound Poor Visual-Motor Integration Relative Sparing of Language Mutations in the Wilms Tumor 1 Gene Microdeletions of 11p13 Death Uually due to Renal Failure by Age 3 Years Caused by Mutation in the Wilms Tumor Protein Gene Chronic or End-Stage Renal Failure Linked to a Locus at 16q Approximately 35% of Patients Die during the First 2 Years of Life Sparse Medial Eyebrows Pseudoepiphyses of the Metacarpals Thin Limbs Absence of Pubic Rami Cleft Vertebrae Posterior Midline Scalp Defects Abnormal Sternal Ossification Interventricular Cysts No Chromosome Breakage Ulnar Deviation of 1st and 3rd Fingers Neurologic Findings Closely Resemble Those of Huntington Disease Age of Onset 23-59 Years Lipoprotein Levels Normal Putamen Atrophy Infants Are Stillborn or Die Shortly after Birth Unossified Feet Absent Ossification of Hands Short, Broad Tibia Wedged-Shape Femur with Proximal Metaphyseal Spike Arched Ilium Pubic Bones Ossified Ossification of Cervical and Upper Thoracic Pedicles Short Wide Clavicles Short Fractured Ribs Frequency in the State of Bahia, Brazil, Increased Stillborn or Death in Infancy Fused Tarsal Bone Rudimentary Phalanges Rudimentary Carpal Bones Very Short Digits Legs Shorter than Arms Limb Reduction - Especially Distally Average Adult Female Height 99.5 cm Average Adult Height of Males: 100.5 cm Duplicated Halluces Protruding Lips Hypoplastic Midface Flared Ilia Hip Joint Mobility Decreased Short, Muscular Neck Delayed Loss of Deciduous Teeth Lateral Displacement of Medial Canthi Short Stature (<25th Percentile) Variable Delay (IQ Range 52-104) Distinct Disorder from Reduced Zinc in Breast Milk (608118) Maternal Breast Milk Is Protective Response to Zinc Supplementation Mutation in the Intestinal Zinc Specific Transporter Gene Levels of Zinc in Hair Decreased Alopecia of Eyelashes Alopecia of Eyebrows Scalp Alopecia Necrosis with Inflammation Spongiotic Epidermis Symmetric-Pattern Dermatitis Mucosal Alkaline Phosphatase Decreased Plasma Zinc Levels Decreased Recurrent Candida Infections T Cell Function Impaired Taste Impaired