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Wide Flared Ilia Prominent Coronal Clefting Variable Vertebral Body Size Short Flared Ribs Encephalocele - Single Case Mutation in the Perlecan Gene Clinically Similar to Torsion Dystonia 1 (DYT1) Begins in Hands or Feet - Later Generalized Chorea of Hands Prominent Vasculature of Nose and Forehead Genu Valgum or Genu Varum Epiphyseal Flattening Coxa Valga or Coxa Vara Aseptic Femoral Necrosis Blount Osteochondritis Dissecans Flat or Absent Glenoid Fossae Thin, Narrow Nails Eyelid Margin Cysts - Apocrine Hidrocystoma Eyelid Margin Cysts - Hidrocystoma Intolerance to Heat and Fever Allelic Disorder to Autosomal Dominant Form Mutation in the EDAR-Associated Death Domain Gene Depressed Nasal Bridge - 'Saddle Nose' Allelic Disorder to Margarita Island Type of Ectodermal Dysplasia Sparse, Abnormal Hair Onychodysplasia May Be Present Hypohidrosis May Be Present Variable Psychomotor Retardation Allelic Disorder to the Rosselli–Gulienetti Syndrome Short, Brittle Hair Progressive Hypotrichosis Anteverted Pinnae Sparse Absent Scalp Hair Absent Pro Alpha 2(I) Chain Synthesis in Fibroblasts Pulmonary Function Decreased Moderate Scarring Dermal Hydroxylysine Content Decreased Lysyl-Hydroxylase Deficiency Ocular Rupture Possibly Internal Organ Rupture Caused by Mutations in the Procollagen 1 N-Proteinase Gene Spontaneous Neonatal Pneumothorax Mild Hirsutism Collagen Fibrils Show Hieroglyphic Pattern Marked Joint Laxity Deciduous Dentition Shows Enamel Attrition Deciduous Molars Show Abnormal Morphology Excessive Buccal Mucosa Frequency in Eastern Pennsylvania Amish Increased Cone-Shaped Epiphyses of Phalanges 2-5 Difficulty Forming a Fist Short Thickened Tubular Bones Fused Capitate and Hamate Centrifugal Shortening of Limbs Spur-Like Projections at Mediolateral Aspect of Acetabula Low Iliac Wings Normal with Exception of Upper Lip Defect Average Adult Height 109 to 152 cm Short Poorly Developed Ribs Death Within First Year of Life in 25% of Patients Rapidly Progressive to Persistent Vegetative State or Death Onset within First Year of Life Cerebrospinal Fluid Interferon-Alpha Increased Alpha Interferon Increased No Evidence of Common Prenatal Infections Visual Inattention Tetraplegic Spasticity Profound Developmental Retardation Normal Hemidesmosomes Widened Lamina Lucida Junctional Blister Formation Loss of Superficial Elastic Fibers Loss of Dermal Papillae Subepidermal Blistering Non-Scarring Skin Blistering Mild Finger Contractures Absent Dermal Ridges Mutation in the Plectin Gene Hypoplastic Hemidesmosomes Negative Staining with HD121 Minimal or Absent Scarring Neonatal-Onset Generalized Blistering Degenerative Changes with Increased Connective Tissue Blistering of Mucous Membranes Slow Weight Gain Amelogenesis Imperfecta Hypocalcified Type Mildly Shortened Ulna Small Humeral, Distal Radii and Ulnae Epiphyses Double-Layered Patella Hypoplastic Femoral Head Short Stature - 3rd-90th Centile - Infrequent Finding Onset of Diabetes in Neonatal Period or Early Infancy Mutation in the EIF2AK3 Gene Hypoplastic Middle and Distal Phalanges Small Irregular Tarsal Centers Disproportionately Short Middle Phalanges Epiphyseal Sclerosis Cone-Shaped Epiphyses of Proximal Phalanges Small Irregular Carpal Centers Bowing of Distal Radii and Ulnae