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Hyporeflexia (Early Symptom) Short, Irregular Phalanges Mild Humeral Shortening Premature Central Epiphyso-Metaphyseal Fusion Short Broad Femurs Distal Femoral and Proximal Tibial Cup Shaped Epiphyses Micromelia (especially Lower Limbs) Progressive Coxa Valga Posterior Clinoid Processes Elongated Irregular Ossified Ischia Medial and Lateral Spur Disproportionately Small Occipital Bone Irregular Scapulae Small Narrow Chest Tracheobronchial Malacia Short, Broad Nails Wrinkled Skin over Fingers Short Phalanges - Especially Distal Phalanges Widened Irregular Metaphyses Short, Broad Tibiae and Fibulae Ossification Delayed - Proximal Femoral Epiphyses Shallow, Narrow Chest Sparse Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Beard Fine Sparse Light Colored Hair Lymphocyte Response to Phytohemagglutinin Diminished Joint Hyperextensibility Especially Hands Wrist and Feet Tibia Shorter than Fibula Small Pelvic Inlet Occasionally Mild Odontoid Hypoplasia Susceptibility to Varicella Malignancy Risk Increased - Especially Lymphoma and Skin Neoplasm Occasional Brachycephaly Normocephaly Specific Growth Curves Are Available Weak or Absent Pubertal Growth Spurt Average Adult Height 107-143 cm Sclerotic Widened Metaphyses Widened Epiphyses Normal Skull Short Disproportionate Stature - Short Lower Limbs Squared-Off Nails Small Tarsals Fibula Longer than Tibia Small Femoral Necks Flattened Pelvic Inlet Small Acromion Processes Metaphyseal Cupping of Metacarpals Normal Pelvis Normal Spine Mild Joint Laxity No Immunodeficiency Disproportionate Dwarfism Risk of Acute Symptomatic Methemoglobinemia (Heterozygotes) Most Common Form of Congenital Methemoglobinemia NADH Cytochrome B5 Reductase Deficiency Type I Methemoglobin Concentration: 10-35% Strabismus Type 2 Microcephaly Type 2 Hypertonia Type 2 Neonatal or Infantile Metabolic Ketoacidosis Mut 0: Mutase Activity Undetectable due to No Functional Mutase Plasma Free and Total Carnitine Low Recurrent Episodes of Vomiting Severe Involvement of Globus Pallidus Ketosis Is Exacerbated by Protein Ingestion See also Methylmalonic Aciduria cblB Caused by Mutation in the MMAA Gene Long-Chain Ketonuria See Also MMAA A Subset of Patients Are Responsive to Vitamin B12 Therapy Onset First Weeks of Life Mutation in the MMAB Gene Short Proximal Phalanges of Thumbs Mutation in the MCPH1 Gene Disproportionately Small Cerebral Cortex Brain Weight Decreased Radioresistant DNA Synthesis Premature Death Thrombocytopenia Post Hemolytic Anemia CD4+ Count Low B Lymphocytopenia Relatively Increased Number of Natural Killer Cells T-Cells Mildly to Moderately Decreased Long Nose Large, Dysplastic Ears Recurrent Gastrointestinal Infections and Diarrhea Short Stature, Commonly below 3rd Percentile for Height Hepatic Failure in First Months of Life Neonate-Onset Coagulopathy due to Hepatic Failure Optic Dysplasia Mitochondria Increased and Abnormal (EM) Pseudoacinar Formation Biopsy Shows Micronodular Cirrhosis Mutation in the MTND3 Gene Mutation in the NDUFS6 Gene Mutation in the NDUFS4 Gene Mutation in the NDUFS2 Gene Mutation in the NDUFV2 Gene Decreased Activity of Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complex I