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Approximately 0.7 dB Hearing Loss Per Year at All Frequencies Progressive Hearing Impairment Non-Syndromic Hereditary Hearing Impairment Allelic Disorder to Paramyotonia Congenita Cold Sensitivity Has Been Reported Muscle Weakness Usually Does Not Occur Mutation in the Centromeric Protein J Gene Caused by Mutation in the CD36 Antigen Gene (CD36) Prolonged Bleeding Time - 15 to > 30 Minutes Median Platelet Volume 15.5 fl Platelet Count Low to Normal (45*10^9/l) No Neutrophilic Inclusions Variable Bleeding Tendencies Posterior Parietal Hair Whorls Elbow Dimples Absence of Several Ribs Genetic Heterogeneity - See Myofibrillar Myopathy Type 3 Adult Onset (3rd to 4th Decade) Juvenile Onset Creatine Kinase May Be Normal or Elevated Respiratory Muscles May Be Involved Distal Muscle Weakness Occurs Later Pelvic Girdle Muscle Weakness (Earlier) Longer Disease Duration than Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Average Disease Duration of 7 Years Rapidly Progressive but Slower than Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Mutation in the PRNP Gene Rapid Weight Loss Late in the Disease Neurofibrillary Tangles May be Present Amyloid-Like Plaques Not Immunoreactive to APP Onset Ages 2 to 14 Years Male-to-Female Ratio 4:1 Motor and Vocal Tics Subclinical Defect in Pancreatic Exocrine Function Fractional Excretion of Uric Acid Decreased Abnormal Renal Calyces Glomerular Cysts Glomerular Tufts Enlarged Glomeruli Numbers of Glomeruli Decreased Abnormal Nephrogenesis Vagina Aplasia GMS is Goniodysgenesis, Mental Deficiency and Short Stature Bone Marrow Aspirate Shows Normal Cellularity and Reticular Fibrosis Gray Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils Gray to Gray Blue Platelet on Wright-Giemsa Stain Large Agranular Platelets Platelet Derived Growth Factor Decreased Thrombospondin Decreased Beta-Thromboglobulin Decreased Von Willebrand Factor Decreased Platelet Aggregation Response to Collagen and Thrombin Decreased Normal Platelet Aggregation Response to Arachidonic Acid Prolonged Bleeding Time (10 to >30 Minutes) Median Mean Platelet Volume 13 fl Large Flattened Vertebrae with Large Pedicles Autistic-Like Condition Mutation in the Homeobox A13 Gene Fused Cuneiforms Absent Hallux Carpal Bone Ossification Delayed Longitudinal Vaginal Septum Transient Metabolic Acidosis that Resolves in Infancy 4-Hydroxycyclohexylacetic Aciduria (Adults) 4-Hydroxyphenylactic Aciduria Transient Tyrosinemia (Resolves in Infancy) Idionodal Escape Rhythm Left Sided Involvement Occurs More Frequently Short Mandibular Ramus Basilar Kyphosis Delayed Teeth Eruption on Ipsilateral Side Lip Atrophy Loss of Periorbital Fat Misshapen Small Ear Unilateral Facial Wasting Marked Clinical Variability within Families Triggered by Minor Head Trauma Pulsatile Headache Lasts Hours to Days Symptoms Usually Last 30-60 Minutes Onset 5-30 Years Migraine with Aura Impaired Long-Term Verbal Memory Contiguous Gene Syndrome due to Deletion of HBA1 and HBA2 Hb H Inclusions in Erythrocytes Subtelomeric Deletion of 16p Wide Flat Broad Forehead Abnormally Placed Nipples Shallow Acetabulum Pronounced Coxa Plana Irregular Greater Trochanteric Epiphyses Coxa Plana Irregular Proximal Epiphyseal Line of Femur Delayed Appearance - Secondary Ossification Center - Femoral Head Widened Proximal Femoral Metaphyses Chronic Relapsing Condition Apocrine Glands Are Secondarily Involved Necrotic Tissue Encapsulated by Epithelial Strands Foreign Material Accumulated in the Dermis Segmental Rupture of the Follicular Epithelium Dermal Contractures