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Tonsillar Swelling Advanced Bone Age Renomegaly Dysconjugate Gaze Brisk Tendon Reflexes Normal Reflexes Abnormal Auditory Evoked Potential Nonspecific Abnormal Visually Evoked Potential Abnormal ECG Psychomotor Development Normal Spermatogenesis Impaired Abnormal Eye Movement Abnormal Sweating Sensorineural and Conductive Hearing Loss Vital Capacity Reduced - Context Dependent Category Stromal Corneal Edema Lens Clear Motivation Decreased Birth Weight Normal Large Fontanel Articulatory Defect Pseudobulbar Palsy Dysarthria Hypernasal Speech Liver Enzymes Abnormal Liver Function Test Normal Normal Lymphocyte Counts Small Nipples Hypoplasia of Scrotum Adult-Type Pubic Hair Labile Blood Pressure Triglycerides Normal Normal Sweat Test Platelet Count Normal Iron Normal Pelvic Girdle Muscle Weakness Shoulder Girdle Weakness Large, Broad Feet Short Legs Trident Abnormality Large Hand Short Arm Flaring Rib Thick Ribs Clavicles Elongated Short Clavicles Hook-Shaped Clavicles Shield-Shaped Chest Small Prostate Absent Kidney Abdominal Wall Laxity Exaggerated Appetite Shortened Frenulum of Tongue No Tooth Problem Broad Nasal Tip Bifid Tip of Nose Narrow Nose Large Areolae Relatively Small Breasts Premature Thelarche Toilet Training Delayed Overlapping Cranial Sutures Asymmetric Skull Episodic Weakness Bloated Face Everted Lips Violent Behavior Lack of Spontaneous Movement Withdrawal from Social Contacts Tapered Hair Short Nails Choroidal Atrophy Macular Scar Narrowed Retinal Vessels Shallow Anterior Chamber - Eye Short Palpebral Fissure Mongoloid Slant Equivocal Plantar Responses Flexor Plantar Responses Primitive Reflex Neonatal Death Flexion Contractures of Proximal Interphalangeal Joints Hypoplastic Mandibular Condyle Bowed Vocal Cords No Speech Problem Abnormal REM Sleep Gingival Overgrowth Short Stature Secondary Hemorrhage Nocturnal Dyspnea Wooly Hair Macronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia Chorioretinal Fold Giant Platelet Basophilic Stippling Dystrophic Calcification - Calcified Structure Lipid Accumulation Abnormal Facies Livedo Erythematous Plaques No Family History