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Osmotic Fragility of Red Blood Cells Lytic Metastatic Bone Lesion Absent Corneal Reflex Coarse Hair Delayed Closure of Fontanelles Intermittent Fever Centrocecal Scotomas Stargardt Disease Cerebral Calcification Large Penis Orotate Phosphoribosyltransferase Deficiency Short Umbilical Cord Exfoliation of Primary Teeth Delayed Short Attention Span Facial Wrinkles Dental Abnormality Crossbite Swollen Wrist Joints Walking Delay Visual Field Reduction Vascular Abnormality Urine Odor - Maple Syrup Urine Free Cortisol Increased Unresponsiveness Ulnar Hand Deviation Trunk Muscle Atrophy Protrusion of Tongue Tongue Nodule Thumb Spatulate Thumb Absence Hypoplastic Testicle Testicular Cyst Absence of Subcutaneous Fat Palpable Spleen Delicate Skin Skin Velvety Skin Pustule Skin Hyperelasticity Shoulder Muscle Weakness Ferritin Decreased Estradiol Decreased Increased Serum Creatine Phosphate Serum Calcitonin Increased White Sclera Retinal Exsudates Severe Proteinuria Renin Increased Peroneal Muscle Weakness Pericardial Constriction Tril Notching Nail Destruction Progressive Muscle Weakness Muscle Hypoplasia Moro Reflex Absent Lip Thickening Swollen Knee Knee Hyperreflexia Knee Flexion Microscopic Hematuria Head Jerking Hand Rubbing Hand Stiffness Hand Muscle Weakness Atrophy of Hand Muscle Hand Enlargement Hand Clenching White Hair Green Urine Furrowed Forehead Forearm Muscle Weakness Feet Enlargement Open Fontanelle Finger Subcutaneous Nodule Facial Papule Facial Pallor Facial Erythema Progressive Dyspnea High-Pitched Cry Chest Wall Rigidity Chest Deformity Increased Bone Marrow Megakaryocytes Ankle Hyporeflexia Heart Rate Irregular Increased Susceptibility to Infections Normochromic Anemia Alpha Fetoprotein Increased Lung Infiltration Decreased Lacrimation Ankle Edema Eye Irritation Cerebration Impaired Greasy Skin Measle-Like Rash Weak Crying Gag Reflex Absent Normal Hearing Emmetropia Gowers Sign Premature or Immature Newborn Impairment of Urinary Concentration