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Parotid Gland Surgery Infrequent Blinking Manganese Toxicity Secondary Amyotrophy Face Rigidity Upbeat Nystagmus Convergence Nystagmus Neglect Parainfluenza Paragonimus Westermani Tonsillar Ulcer Buccal Mucosal Ulcer Facial Scar Keloid Paracoccidioides Brasiliensis Base Deficit Pancreatic Necrosis Fat Necrosis Arm Claudication Antimongoloid Slant Delayed Speech and Language Development Broad and Flat Nose Broad Nasal Bridge Angioid Streaks of the Retina Prostate Cancer Metastasis to Bone Organ of Corti Degeneration Endemic Disease Dystocia Vulvar Excoriation Loss of Cortical Somatosensory Evoked Potential Nits on the Hair Vitamin C Increased Aspergillus Niger Loss of Light Reflex of the Tympanic Membrane Pseudomonas Colles' Fracture Abnormal X-Ray of the Wrist Osteochondrosis of the Lunate Bone Abnormal X-Ray of the Tibia Bouchard's Node Neonatal Omphalitis Nerium Oleander Poisoning Hemianopia with Macular Sparing Decreased Functional Residual Capacity Pterygium Colli T Wave Alternans Skin Necrosis Nocardia Otitidis Caviarum Nocardia Asteroides Nocardia Brasiliensis Ocular Red Cherry Spot Bone Marrow with Foam Cells Nerve Biopsy showing Segmental Demyelination Axillary Freckling Cafe-Au-Lait Spots Cricothyroid Cartilage Pain Wrist Pain on Movement Wrist Instability Hypnagogic Hallucination HLA-DQ1 Multiple Sleep Latency Test Abnormal Black Discoloration of the Fingernail Cervical Cyst Unable to Release Grip Triangular, Open Mouth Percussion Myotonia of the Thenar Eminence Electromyography showing Myotonia Percussion Myotonia Delayed Muscle Biopsy showing Inclusion Bodies Mural Thrombus Abnormal Eosinophilic Granules Auer Rods Present Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Fanconi Anemia Sezary Cell T-Cell Leukemia Mycoplasma Mycoplasma Hominis Mycobacterium Chelonae HLA-B12 Kanamycin Sulfate Thymus Hyperplasia HLA-B7 HLA-A10 Positive Gower's Sign Testicular Infarction Salivary Gland Pain Stress Family History of Multiple Sclerosis HLA-Dw2 Rubral Tremor Plasmacytoma of Bone Linea Nigra Prominent Forehead Veins Black Nasal Turbinate Pill Rolling Tremor Festinating Gait Pethidine Poisoning Salivary Gland Biopsy Abnormal Parotid Gland Biopsy Abnormal