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Muscle Biopsy showing Muscle Fiber Regeneration Muscle Biopsy showing Inflammatory Changes Muscle Biopsy showing Centrally Located Nuclei HLA-Bw54 Tinea Corporis Rash of the Hands and Feet Skin Lesion of the Upper Extremity Foot Rash Erythematous Ear Canal Eczematous Nipple Buttock Rash Papular Rash Negativism Self-Mutilation Self-Inflicted Wound Grieving Preoccupation with Death Feeling of Worthlessness Epitrochlear Adenopathy Flaviviridae Coprolalia Shuffling Gait Bradykinesia Lewy Bodies in the Brain Hypomimia Postural Instability Diffuse Encephalopathy Asterixis Dissociative Disorder Perseveration Sexually Disinhibited Behavior Hepatitis D Virus Small Scrotum Hyperviscosity Sunken Fontanelle Hyperosmolar State Family History of Deafness Toxic Effect of DDT Sulfone Poisoning Projectile Vomiting Hand Deformity Delayed Walking Milestone Truncal Ataxia Maternal Infection Affecting Fetus AIDS-related Renal Failure Cheesy Vaginal Discharge Eosinophilic Cystitis Vulvar Burning Cystine Increased Glucagon Decreased Lipase Decreased Bleeding Esophageal Varices Bronchocentric Granulomatosis Focal Atelectasis Staphylococcus Aureus in the Sputum Pseudomonas in the Sputum Trypsin Decreased Exposure to Contaminated Water Cyclospora Cayetanesis Recurrent Upper Respiratory Infection Periodontal Disease Cold Environment Mycobacterium Buruli Metyrapone Challenge Test Abnormal Thin Extremities Short PR Interval Congenital Absence of the Testis Cryptococcus Antigen Multiple Pulmonary Nodules Skin Rash of the Lower Extremity Microphthalmos Gastric Polyp Multiple Colonic Polyps Hypoplastic Nails Thin and Brittle Fingernails Polyp of the Small Intestine Loss of Hair from Body Pelvic Osteomyelitis Thyroxin Binding Globulin Increased Abdominal CT Scan showing Small-Bowel Wall Thickening Multiple Ulcerations Oxalate Kidney Stone Lysozyme Increased Nocturnal Diarrhea Gliosis Prion Disease Slow Virus Muscle Rigidity Gait Apraxia Dull Facial Expression Nerve Conduction Study showing Demyelination Pattern Orthopoxvirus Poxviridae Localized Chest Pain Eosinophils Decreased Basophils Decreased Atrophy of the Thigh Muscles Aseptic Necrosis of Head of Humerus Aseptic Necrosis of Head of Femur Supraclavicular Fat Pads