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Crusted Eyelids Pulmonary Coin Lesion Bone Marrow with Increased Blasts Bone Marrow with Leukaemic Cell Infiltration Uninhibited Neurogenic Bladder Neonatal Urinary Ascites Foul Smelling Urine Colovesical Fistula Urethral Bleeding Cloudy Urine Skin Tenderness Localized Numbness Peripheral Rash Summation Gallop Blue Line at the Gingival Border Beaked Nose Congenital Facial Anomaly Narrow Face Bird-like Facies Norepinephrine Decreased Mental Rumination Persecutory Delusion Cholangiogram Abnormal Fat Intolerance Liver Disorder in Pregnancy Severe Pain Small Bowel Mass Tooth Discoloration Yellow Discoloration of the Skin Drug-induced Orthostatic Hypotension Retinal Scar Metallurgist Lung Biopsy showing Multinucleated Giant Cells Toxic Effect of Benzene Progesterone Increased Incomplete Bladder Emptying Strangury Cystoscopy Abnormal Pleural Mass Vocal Tremor Mild Head Tremor Tremor Increased by Stress Clonus Lagophthalmos Dysgeusia Difficulty closing both Eyelids Unable to Purse Lips Atropa Belladonna Poisoning Heat Intolerance Treponema Pallidum Endemicum HLA-Bw51 Plasma Fibrinogen Increased Retinal Vasculitis Hypopyon HLA-B5 Peripheral Gangrene Penile Lesion Turkish Childhood Cancer Insulin C-Peptide Increased Omphalocele Pancreatic Islet-Cell Hypertrophy Visceromegaly Increased Birth Weight Wheelchair Bound Pseudohypertrophy of Calf Muscles Difficulty Climbing Stairs Weakness after Climbing Stairs Bilateral Pelvic Girdle Weakness Onset at Age 5 to 15 Years Muscle Biopsy showing Variation In Fiber Size Crumpled Ear Helices Ear Deformity Congenital Malformation of the Ear  Long and Thin Fingers Victim of Abuse and Neglect Skull Disorder Resting Tremor Cogwheel Rigidity Frozen Gait Wing Beating Tremor Fair Complexion Hypercalciuria Nocturnal Polyuria Hypochloremic Metabolic Alkalosis Isosthenuria Hypochloremic Alkalosis Proximal Muscle Weakness Trousseau Sign Excruciating Headache Salmonella Traveled to or Resided in Peru Bartonella Bacilliformis Heartburn at Night Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus Neural Hearing Loss Sensation of Blocked Ears Otorrhagia Rinne's Test Positive Erythematous Tympanic Membrane