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Abdominal Pain Worsens with Movement Perforation of Cecum Abdominal Rigidity Aplastic Crisis Schizophasia Psychomotor Retardation Free Thyroxine Index Increased Arterial Biopsy showing Vasculitis Brachial Pulse Decreased Spontaneous Rupture of the Thoracic Aorta Duroziez's Sign To-and-Fro Murmur Calcified Aortic Valve Paradoxical Splitting of the Second Heart Sound Sudden Cardiac Death Systolic Thrill at Lower Left Sternal Border Heart Murmur of Harsh Quality Heart Murmur Decreased with Valsalva Heart Murmur Increased with Amyl Nitrite Expiratory Splitting of the Second Heart Sound Nocturnal Paroxysmal Dyspnea Ejection Murmur Pulsus Parvus et Tardus Left Ventricular Strain Pattern Increased Basal Metabolic Rate Prominent A-Wave Left Atrial Hypertrophy P Mitrale Apical Thrust Traube's Sign Austin Flint Murmur Water Hammer Pulse Changing Cardiac Murmurs Pulsatile Liver Decreased Femoral Pulse Decreased Diastolic Blood Pressure Decreased Popliteal Pulse Iliac Artery Occlusion Cardiac Catheterization Abnormal Congenital Anomaly of the Aortic Arch Grey Turner's Sign Fear of Loss of Control Female Sexual Dysfunction Tic Disorder Deja Vu Numbness of the Tongue Circumoral Pallor Frigidity Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Multiple Somatic Complaints Parenthood Status Complete Blood Count Normal Premature Ejaculation Histrionic Personality Disorder Skipped Beats Agoraphobia Sighing Globus Symptom Hyperalgesia Transient Hypothyroidism Heparin Resistance Antithrombin III Decreased Dystonia Sulfonamide Allergy Antihistamine Toxicity Antidepressant Toxicity Ejaculatio Retardata Hemophthalmos Platelet Aggregation Abnormal Dry Eyes Hot, Dry Skin Mydriasis Drug-induced Constipation Decreased Sweating Antiphospholipid Syndrome Leg Ulcer Prothrombin Time Shortened Vaso-Occlusive Crisis Drug Fever Urticaria Medicamentosa Black Tongue Hairy Tongue Candida Pharyngitis Vitamin K Decreased Nosocomial Infection Hemorrhagic Meningitis Skin Ulcer with Hard Excrescence Epizootic Disease Skin Eschar Bilateral Atelectasis Nodular Fibrosis Coarse Rales Restrictive Pulmonary Function Intermittent Leg Claudication Lower Leg Pain Anterior Tibial Compartment Syndrome Flaccid Paralysis of the Lower Extremity Menstrual Flooding Ectomorph Preoccupation with Food