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Anhedonia Problems with Personal Hygiene Floppy Muscle Vomiting in Infancy Poor Feeding in Infants Administration of Prophylactic Medication Blood Urea Nitrogen Increased Urine Chloride Increased Urine Sodium Increased Oliguria Anuria Xanthochromia Enlarged Blind Spot Muscle Twitch Unsafe Sexual Practices Rectal Examination Abnormal Gynecological Exam Abnormal Vaginal Odor Adnexal Tenderness Adnexal Mass Frequency of Micturition Vaginal Discharge Ovarian Mass Cervical Motion Tenderness Erythrocytes Increased Hemoglobin Increased Arterial Blood pH Increased Apnea Periodic Breathing Hematocrit Increased Dyspnea at Rest Exertional Dyspnea Flattened T Wave Palpitations with Skipped Beats Frontal Headache Bitemporal Headache Pruritus Albumin Decreased Immunoglobulin M Increased MRI Scan showing White Matter Lesions Anterior T Wave Inversion ST Elevation PaO2 Decreased Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block P Pulmonale Poor R Wave Progression Echocardiogram showing Dilation of Inferior Vena Cava Increased Jugular Venous Pressure Drug-induced Hemorrhagic Disorder Non-Motile Bacteria Female Pelvic Mass Pelvis Ultrasound Abnormal Actinomyces Bovis Actinomyces Israelii Multiple Cavitary Lung Lesions Chronic Cough Productive Cough Chronic Productive Cough Purulent Sputum Hemoptysis Thick-Walled Cavitary Lesion of the Lung Cavitary Lesion Sputum Production Lung Biopsy Abnormal Rib Tenderness Pleurisy with Effusion Fungus Lacrimal Gland Enlargement Unilateral Proptosis Jaw Stiffness Gingival Swelling Abnormal X-Ray of the Mandible Gram-Positive Rods Gram-Positive Bacteria Granulomatous Tissue Hypogastric Mass Sulfur Granules Gram-Negative Bacteria Easy Bruising Cortisol Increased Urine 17-Hydroxycorticosteroid Increased Zinc Increased Cushingoid Facies Drug-induced Hyperglycemia Buffalo Hump Decreased Skin Turgor Edema of the Hand Acquired Deformity of the Nose T3 Uptake Decreased Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Decreased Hypouricemia Insulin Increased Urine 17 Ketosteroids Decreased Urine Calcium Increased Visual Field Test Abnormal Pituitary Gonadotrophin Decreased Plasma Growth Hormone Increased Proximal Muscle Weakness of the Lower Extremity Arthralgia Coarseness of the Skin