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Choking Stridor Expiratory Stridor Neck Stiffness Subglottic Narrowing Tonsillar Mass Odynophagia Deglutition Disorder Drooling Neck Mass Glossalgia Neck Edema Multi Gated Acquisition Scan Abnormal Echocardiogram Abnormal Scleral Icterus Tenderness in the Right Upper Quadrant Basilar Rales Hepatic Friction Rub Pleural Exudate Right Shoulder Pain Right Flank Pain Decreased Platelet Count Right Lower Intercostal Tenderness Anal or Rectal Pain Pelvic-Girdle Pain Low Back Pain Obturator Sign Pelvic Pain in Women Pelvic Pain Perineal Tenderness Rectal Tenderness Rectal Right-Sided Tenderness Abdominal Mass in the Right Lower Quadrant Lethargy Agitated Delirium Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid Glucose Increased Altered Mental Status Leukocytosis Abdominal CT Scan showing Liver Mass Liver Mass on Ultrasound Liver Ultrasound Abnormal Hepatic Mass Liver Tenderness Gallbladder Tenderness Murphy's Sign Gallbladder Enlargement Abdominal Mass in the Right Upper Quadrant Cervical Lymphadenopathy Cheek Pain Unilateral Facial Pain Trismus Jaw Pain Toothache Facial Pain Retroorbital Pain Headache Sinus Headache Gingival Pain Jaw Mass Facial Edema Enlarged Submandibular Lymph Gland Lip Swelling Lip Edema Erythrocytes Decreased Chronic Urticaria Immunoglobulin G Increased Globulins Increased Hyperglobulinemia Endotoxic Shock Night Sweats Abnormal Abdominal CT Scan Lichen Simplex Chronicus Ulcer Almond-Like Breath Odor Laparoscopy Abnormal Positive Lachman Test Gram-Negative Meningitis Epigastric Mass Perineal Swelling Subacute Clinical Course Absent Radial Reflex Low Fever Absent Triceps Reflex Neutrophil Count Increased Delusion of Grandeur Hemichorea Absent Fetal Heart Sounds Progesterone Decreased Ulcer of Nipple Language Development Disorder Increased Birth Length Uterine Perforation Foam Cell Trophoblastic Cells Capnocytophaga Ochracea Pointed Chin Complete Blood Count Abnormal Boot/shoe Maker Chills